Too often mistakes happen in the planning stage of a renovation or new project that could have been avoided with proper communication.

Understanding the language that architects, technical consultants and contractors use, can avoid unneeded technical specifications, design inefficiencies and unfocused amenities adding thousands, if not millions to a project.

We are your representative - interacting with the other project professionals and working side by side with you to maximize your investment and desire to provide the audience comfort and appreciation of the event on stage or screen as well as in the lobby and concessions area. We advocate for clients throughout project development with architects, consultants, construction managers and vendors - serving as the Owner’s Representative.

NGTA can provide assistance in any stage of your project including:

  • Programming Analysis /
       Reality Based Forecasting
  • Architectural Plan Review
  • Business Plans
  • Operational Budgeting
  • Technical Equipment Consulting /
       Assistance in Procurement and Installation

The vision of the project is in the owner’s eyes. Ensuring that your vision, in line with budgetary limitations, has made its way from verbal conversations to the finished product is what Negra - Graham Theatrical Advisors provide.

Call Mike Negra at 814-883-8234 or email mnegra@verizon.net to discuss your project and discover
exactly what an Owners Representative such as Negra - Graham Theatrical Advisors can provide.